Physical Modeling of Extrusion and Screw Press Processing Technology for Steel

Kovalenko N.D., Lepov V.V., Ivanov A.M.

The basics of physical modeling of complex processing technology for manufacturing of ultrafine-grained structure for high-strength materials has been delivered in the paper. The screw press process influence on extrusion process of prismatic and spiral shaped lean steel probes has been presented. This steel 09G2S is widely used for vital structures in permafrost regions of Central Yakutia. On the base of fractograms of probe breaks the reasons of high strength and low plasticity of processed steel have been qualitatively interpreted. The ductile fracture mechanism of processed steel probes after the extrusion and screw pressing is characterized by more pronounced of surface microrelief against the initial material. The regularities ascertained in such a modeling allows to approach for further improvement as in the severe plastic deformation experimental research, as in the combine hardening technology on the whole.

Key words: physical modeling, severe plastic deformation, extrusion, screw press, lean steel, strength, plasticity, fractography, probe break, fracture mechanism.

 Science and Education, 2017, No.4, pp. 77-81.